Privacy and cookie policy

This privacy and cookie policy is to regulate the way by which CWT Finland Ltd’s leisure travel department (’CWT Kaleva Travel’), and corporations acting in cooperation with us collect, use, and save data collected during the processes of booking and travel arrangement. This policy also guides data collected through the website (’website’). CWT Kaleva Travel is responsible for processing all personal information gathered through the website or through other means as according to the regulations set by the European Union regarding privacy. By using our services we regard the person or persons in question (’User or Users’) have given us consent to collect and process data gathered from them.

Personal information

CWT Kaleva Travel is allowed to collect Users’ personal data when Users make a booking, subscribe to a newsletter, take part in a competition or marketing campaign, answer a questionnaire, or fill out a form. Users may be asked to provide, as according to need, their name, email-address, telephone number, address and post code, country of residence, country of citizenship, sex, date of birth, passport number, passport date of issue, passport expiry date, and their Finnish personal identity code. Further, when using cookies, CWT Kaleva Travel will process users’ ip-addresses. More information on the use of cookies will follow.

The purpose of processing personal data

Personal data will be used to make a booking, to process payments, in communication regarding bookings, for customer service and for improving the quality of service, to deliver the newsletters subscribed to by the User, and for customer statistics. Information may also be used for creating marketing campaigns, questionnaires or competitions, or for other uses for the website, or for other marketing purposes. CWT Kaleva Travel may use personal data also for technical or functional administration, the development of our Website and sales-application, as well as the tailoring of user experience. We may use personal data also to fulfill demands made by laws or regulations.


CWT Kaleva Travel may send to Users who have booked a trip through our Website newsletters related to similar products, unless he has refused this at the moment of purchase. Any User who wishes to make use of our offers may at any time order our newsletter. If the User wishes to cancel his subscription to our newsletters, they can click on the ’cancel subscription’-link in the email and cancel their subscription in the menu. The User may also end their subscription by informing our customer service of this through the telephone or by email, in which case we will cancel the subscription manually. Questions, comments, and complaints can be made through our customer service. Contact details will appear below.

Reviews written by customers

CWT Kaleva Travel may ask any User who has booked a trip from our company to write a review. Users may forbid the public display of their review. By using these reviews CWT Kaleva Travel can offer other Users information on travel experiences and possible other services used by the User. CWT Kaleva Travel may process the User’s personal data in this regard according to the principle of legitimate interest as set down in the law.

About cookies and other storage methods

In addition to the above, we may utilize cookies and other storage methods each time, a User visits our Website. Cookies are small pieces of data that get stored in the User’s device when they visit the Website. It is worth noticing that it may not be possible to use our Website without accepting the use of cookies.

Our website uses the following cookies:

  • Functional cookies

Functional cookies may record the name of the User’s browser, the kind of computer used, and technical information about the way in which the User is accessing our Website, such as the operating system, the internet service provider, and other such information. This data is used to make navigating and using our Website easier. Functional cookies may be used to save personal settings, such as language, or to remember the User’s booking information for future visits, if the User wishes so.

  • Analytics-cookies

Our Website also uses Analytics-cookies, which Google Analytics places to measure the number of visitors to our Website, and to find out which parts of the website are most popular. This data we use to compile statistical information about the use of our Website which helps us to improve the user experience. Our Website also uses Analytics-cookies to measure how Users have found our website, so that we can estimate the efficacy of email campaigns, adverts, and the adverts placed by AdWords on third party websites. Analytics-cookies will be connected to the personal data which we collect as described above, so that we can personalize newsletters and display personalized adverts on third party websites.

Google can connect this data to other data which it has gathered of the User through its other services. Therefore CWT Finland Ltd uses Google Analytics only with the permission of the User. Since CWT Kaleva Travel Ltd cannot affect these services, we ask you to inform yourself of Google’s service information at the address

  • Advert cookies through Facebook and other third parties

Our Website also employs cookies to customize the newsfeed and adverts of the User according to their previous behaviour on the Website and their previous purchases. We will use cookies for this purpose only if the User grants us permission to do so. After gaining permission, CWT Kaleva Travel’s adverts may still be seen on other website’s or the User’s social media feed, but our service providers or we do not customize them. CWT Kaleva Travel’s privacy- and cookie-policy does not apply when using these services, and we recommend that the User researches other websites’ privacy- and cookie-policies for further information.

  • Social media cookies

The User may share parts of our Website on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These social media services utilize cookies to make sharing possible. CWT Kaleva Travel’s privacy- and cookie-policy does not apply when using these services. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of these websites. (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram /LinkedIn).

Removing cookies

Cookies do not save the User’s email address, phone number, or other such information, but they will usually process the User’s IP-address. If the User wishes that their computer does not save cookies, or that already saved cookies be removed, they can do so by accessing the settings of their browser. Changing these settings varies by browser. The website all about cookies contains clear instructions for this in English.

How we protect the User’s data

In order to protect our Website and the personal data saved through our Website, we follow the relevant procedures and cautions. This is to prevent data from being used without permission, from being altered, from being leaked, or destroyed.

Exchanges of confidential information and personal data taking place between the Website and the User will take place through a SSL-secured connection, and all data transfer has been encrypted and secured with digital signatures. Although CWT Kaleva Travel acts with care in providing a secured connection for data transfers between Users’ devices and our systems, we cannot guarantee that data transferred to us through the Internet is secure. If it comes to our attention that there is some breach in our security which allows unauthorized access to the User’s data, we will try to inform the User of this.

Sharing User’s personal data

We may provide airlines, accommodation services, or other parties, of the User’s personal data if this is necessary in order to make a booking. In no other circumstances will we share, sell, exchange or rent the User’s personal data to others. We may use third party service provides to advance our business, to run our Website, and to administer on our behalf some services such as sending newsletters or questionnaires. CWT Kaleva Travel may share Users’ data with payment service providers or fraud prevention services in order to guard the interests of CWT Kaleva Travel and the User when this is necessary to prevent fraud when payments are processed on the Website. CWT Kaleva Travel may process the User’s data in such instances according to the principle of legitimate interest as defined by the law.

Third party websites

On our Website, Users may notice adverts or other content which function as links to our partners’, providers’, advertisers’ or other third parties’ websites or services. We do not monitor the content of these websites or these links, and cannot be held responsible for the policies of websites linked to our Website or from our Website. Further, these websites or services, their contents and their links are liable to change constantly. These websites and services may have their own privacy- and customer service policies. Browsing and using any other websites, including websites that include a link to our Website, is done under the conditions set by that website.

Modifications concerning our privacy- or cookie-policies

CWT Kaleva Travel reserves the right to modify its privacy- and cookie-policies at any time. In that case we will change the date at the end of the page to indicate this. We suggest that Users visit this page regularly to learn about possible changes so that that you are aware of how we protect the personal data we collect.

Contact details

If you have any questions about our privacy- and cookie-policies, please contact:

CWT Finland Oy, Kai Paroma, Työpajankatu 9D, 00580, Helsinki

Phone: 0205 615 540



This document has last been updated in May 2018.