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Travel packages and pricing

All CWT Kaleva Travel’s travel packages are independent activity travel packages. The travel packages are customized and reservations done upon a separate transaction request from the client. Travel packages are also based on route-flights and, because of their special nature, subject to special terms. Terms other than the ones mentioned in this document follow the general package tour terms. The contents and prices of travel packages are based on the pricelists, currency rates, and destination data valid on each day. Only the services detailed as belonging to the price in the itinerary are included in the price of the package. The compulsory taxes written on the ticket are included in the price. Airport taxes payable to local authorities on departure from the destination, however, are to be taken care of by the traveler, in cash. The passenger must also check the departure times of transportation. Female/male places are not sold separately to those who travel on their own. VAT is inlcuded in the prices of European destinations.

Child discounts

Airlines usually sell tickets for children between 2-11 years of age on a discount. A ticket for a child less than 2 years old is usually 10 percent of the price of an adult’s ticket, and does not include a seat. Child discounts in hotels are usually dependent on the destination and the hotel. For more specific information, please contact CWT Kaleva Travel’s office.

Travel reservations and payments / Kaleva Leisure Package

The customer is responsible for getting to know the contents of the offer and the travel confirmation, and for letting CWT Kaleva Travel know about any possible errors in them before making payments.

European travel packages: an agreement is made when the traveler makes the full payment upon confirmation of the package.

Longhaul travel packages: an agreement is made when the traveler makes the advance payment after reserving the trip. Advance payment is 400 EUR/person, unless otherwise indicated when making the reservation. Full payment is due no later than 60 days prior departure or immediately upon confirmation of the package if the reservation is made less than 60 days prior departure.

Some special tours and prices might require an advance purchase period or another applicable special term. CWT Kaleva Travel’s service fee will be added.

Travel reservations and payments / Kaleva Bargain of the Day-package

The customer is responsible for getting to know the contents of the offer and the travel confirmation, and for letting CWT Kaleva Travel know about any possible errors in them before making payments.

These packages are based on special flights and conditions. Full payment simultaneously with the reservation. CWT Kaleva Travel’s service fee will be added.

Terms for cancellation and refund

Due to special nature of Kaleva travel packages special conditions will apply regarding cancellation costs (PTA 4.4).

When the tour is cancelled without a special reason we will charge an office fee of 88 EUR/person and in addition any fees charged from CWT Kaleva Travel by all suppliers (eg. flights, accommodation). All flight-tickets are mainly non-refundable after ticketing.

If the traveller is met by a serious, unforeseeable accident and therefore has the right to cancel the trip according the general package tour terms (PTA 5), CWT Kaleva Travel has the right to charge a reasonable fee based on the transactions the cancellation requires, such as services paid for in advance, and for which CWT Kaleva Travel does not receive compensation (e.g. flights, accommodations) and office fee of 88 EUR/person. However, CWT Kaleva Travel does not have the right to receive compensation to cover losses to its business profit. A sudden impediment for traveling must be proved with a medical certificate or other reliable, written document. We recommend travelers to take out a traveler’s insurance which includes a cover for cancellations and basic life insurance policy.

Changes to and transfer of itinerary

CWT Kaleva Travel reserves the right to change the package fare within the final payment.

The price may be changed only as a result of (PTA 9)

  • changes in taxes and other public charges which affect the price of the package
  • such changes in exchange rates as are dependent upon decision of the Bank of Finland
  • or such changes in the transport costs as CWT Kaleva Travel has not been able to influence nor been able to include in the calculations when the contract was made

In case the traveler wants to change the destination, hotel and/or dates of departure or arrival, or transfer the tour to another person, the tour operator has the right to charge the fees incurred due to the changes or transfer, as well as 88 EUR of office fees per traveler. A tour that has already started cannot be changed.


The valid regulations of any given transportation company are applied to luggage. These are available upon request.


The tour prices do not include insurance. The traveler him/herself must take care of all insurance that s/he deems necessary for the trip, in the form of e.g. travel and luggage insurance, as well as policies in case of accidents and liabilities. We recommend purchasing an insurance that includes a basic life insurance policy already when making a reservation.

Passport, visa, and vaccinations

The traveler is responsible for obtaining and paying for the relevant travel documents (passport, visa) as well as any necessary vaccinations. The tour operator is not liable for damages caused to the traveler if his/her trip is prevented due to incomplete travel documentation. We are happy to advise you in what documents are needed, if necessary.


The passenger loses his right to refer to a fault if he fails to notify the tour operator immediately on spot after he discovered  the fault. Faults that can be corrected at the destination must be communicated to the local representative or enterpriser (eg. hotel, airline) or contacting CWT Kaleva Travel directly as soon as possible. All complaints must be made written and not later than two months after the tour.

Single flights and arrangements for accommodations and transportation

Single flights or arrangements for accommodations or surface transportation sold by CWT Kaleva Travel, and which do not include other services, are not subject to the terns of the Package Tour Act. Possible changes, cancellations, and refunds take place according to the valid terms of the given service providers. In these cases, CWT Kaleva Travel acts as a commissioner, and follows the relevant service pricelists.

Additional services

In addition to the advance payments, services such as tickets to cultural events or the like are charged in advance. These charges are non-refundable in the event of cancellations or in case the tickets are left unused for a reason due to the traveler. Reservations for additional services are subject to the valid service fees in the pricelist.

Liabilities of the tour operator

The tour operator is not liable for damages caused by force majeure –situations, labor disputes, natural disasters, political unrest, or other such situations. If the trip has been purchased mainly for other than personal reasons, the liability of the tour operator is limited to 200 EUR/traveler in the event of damage to items or property. The tour operator is not responsible for possible typographic errors in the brochure or internet site, nor the content of any external internet sites mentioned in the brochure. The tour operator also reserves the right to change the information in the brochure or internet site and also reserves the right to change terms before a travel agreement is made. The liability of the airlines involved in transportation is limited according to the standards applying to transportation terms.

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CWT Kaleva Travel has set a guarantee defined in the Act on Package Tour Operators (PTA)  to cover  travel packages. Registration KUVI 3187/00/mj/Mv.